Abisara Machold is the Founder of the Inhairitance Curl Spa and an important figure in the Canadian Natural Hair Movement. Inhairitance is a Boutique and Salon, specialized in all natural care for curly and locked hair. It is our mission to support and assist women and men to discover and celebrate their natural beauty. We believe loving and taking care of your natural beauty is an empowering moment that reaches far beyond our exterior. It is a process and journey of reclaiming our in-HAIR-itance. It is about healing those wounds and remnants of our history and creating images that we want to identify with reflecting our diversity and richness in style. Providing you an amazing selection on many black-owned and women-owned business we are strongly committed to exclusively natural and toxic free ingredients in all Hair and Body products for our well-being and the safety of our planet.

Abisara is equally the co-founder of the Inhairitance Academy, a training institute for curl experts and natural hair stylists, as well as the Natural Hair Congress Canada, a bi-annual event all about hair, fashion, natural body, and face treats with its next edition in June 2017. With a second location open since July 2016 and its own Curl Care line on its way, Abisara and her staff are working tirelessly in empowering Montreal’s and Canada’s Naturalistas one Curl at a time.

Born in Vienna, Austria of Ivorian and Austrian parents
MA in Political sciences and communication
Migration to Canada November, 2009
Founder of Inhairitance, 2012
Creation of Inhairitance Curl Spa – from 1 to 13 employees in 3 years
Opening of the 2. Inhairitance Boutique July 2016 and Salon to open in March 2017
Collaborations with FRO Foundations: Fro festival and Fro Academy
Futurpreneur Canada -Campaign Face ,2015
Founder of the Natural Hair Congress Canada, 2015
Co-founder of the Inhairitance Academy
important influencer in the Canadian Natural Hair Movement
Co-Founder of Curls 4 Life-to be launched February 2017