Hirut, B.A., IBCLC, is a doula and reproductive justice advocate who applies early intervention strategies and preventative care models into her work using an anti-oppression framework.

The investigative and reporting work that she has done in the last 20 years has been used by many, including the United Nations, to determine humanitarian aid, and by local players to develop initiatives, programs, and interventions in the area of mental health. 
She contributes to repairing the world as a healer, nurturer, and as a speaker of truth. Hirut credits her ancestors, unique background and intersectional identities (Ethiopian-Jew, queer, mother of a gifted child with [dis]abilities, Montréalaise) for keeping her grounded and connected. 
She runs her own private practice  and is a co-founder of the Third Eye Collective, a survivor-led organization for Black women who have experienced gendered violence.
She loves traveling as a result of having lived/studied/and worked in Africa, North America, and the Middle East.