Jamila Shani Joseph is a local Montreal dance performer & instructor, and a singer/songwriter. Jamila trained in Classical Ballet at Studio La Voliere hosted at Place des Arts for over 10 years before deciding to learn other dance styles such as Modern, Jazz, and Broadway. Her Afro Caribbean style of dance was inherited from her father, renowned Dancer/Dance Instructor Selwyn Joseph, while her love for music and performance came from her mother, a former BTW performer Paulette Armony.
She was the recipient of the Victor Phillips award at our Vision Celebration Gala in 2003 and was also the 1strunner up of The Hal Jacksons Miss Talented Teen also in the same year.
She went on to teach music and dance direction at the Green Ave Center part time as she performed with her alumni dance troupe ‘Take Two’ led by ballet dancer/choreographer Paul Bertrand. Following a break from dance and performance, Jamila went on to attain her Qualification in Early Childhood Education bringing art/music to her early stages group (children 6 and under). After receiving her certification in Entrepreneurial Studies in February 2016 at PACC, She felt a beckoning call to return to what was natural, what gave her light and life: the performing arts. She started her business entitled JaiDanse, and now offers dance and performance instruction/mentorship guidance to both young and older dancers amateur and professional alike. Jamila is currently assisting her father teaching Afro Caribbean dance fitness classes around the Montreal area. All her years in the performing arts have led her back to Black Theatre Workshop where she currently holds the role of Box Office Coordinator and she looks forward to her studies as she heads back to school to attain her double major studies in Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medicine.