Kaisha Lee is music personified. Born and raised in Toronto, she was heavily influenced by gospel sounds, and melodies from her Jamaican roots. As an upcoming artist, she had the opportunity to tour the world with professional gospel chorales and perform at the first inauguration of former U.S. President Barack Obama. She even claimed a Gemini Award for her song writing skills.

Since launching her solo career in 2009, Kaisha has collaborated and performed with numerous well-known reggae artists. Her own album, I Heart Reggae, has spawned several hit singles. Kaisha’s style runs the gamut from R&B and soul to reggae, from jazz to dancehall. At home in Montreal, she sings, plays piano and teaches music while she works on multiple upcoming reggae and jazz albums.

Photo: Styled by Farline MUA Sylkie Sly photographer Marcel Cristocea and hair by Beauté Nefertiti