Méshama Rose is not your typical 14 year old, she’s the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic!
As an aspiring singer-midwife, her intention is to use her voice to make people feel.

She has been featured on CBC’s award winning series “Real Talk on Race”, had her poem published by Community Contact and has won a public speaking prize for her take of #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter.

As an honour student with a number of awards under her belt, she isn’t afraid to use her voice to speak up on important issues such as gendered violence. She starred, co-produced and co-directed a film for the Third Eye Collective using Ntozake Shange’s powerful poem “With No Immediate Cause”.

Like the women before her who’ve inspired her (Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, her mother) it’s the love that she has for black women, and future generations, that motivates her to end unnecessary suffering.

She is currently writing, singing and dancing through her teenage hormones.

Follow her at/; https://www.facebook.com/Méshama-1248661038559162/