Above all, Michèle Jean-Jacques is a self-mastery leader with a singular approach. Certified Fitness Coach, multidisciplinary artist, and bold thinker, early adversities in life became her fuel for some positive strikes back.

Michèle studied Fashion Design and Custom garment because she’s always been amazed by what the confidence of a brand new look could bring to the table! Yet, she knew that more was around the corner. Through her own self-healing journey, exercising and healthy nutrition took positive leading roles in her evolution. The outcomes were too tremendous not to be shared. Well, she learned the craft, and she’s been inspiring people back to shape for the past 5 years.

Currently Sous-Chef and creative director of catering services, Taste le Gout, this force of nature is just getting hungry. And braced yourself she’s a self-taught painter.

Someone once said about her: “Give her a hood and she’ll make a parachute out of it!”